White nail polish – my spring/summer favorite!

9. April 2019

I always wear nailpolish- because I have to! My nails are just not pretty, they chip and break and look kind of destroyed. I did try all sorts of artificial nails, but this resulted in my natural nails chipping and breaking even more – so that’s not really an option for me. Hence a good cover-up is very important to me.

All things white – Volant-Shirt by guess, jeans H&M, flats Fitory via amazon
Nailpolish: essie, color: blanc

This essie nailpolish is essential right now. Unless most other white colored nail polishes, this one is NOT SHEER, and two layers will do the job. And if applied carefully and enhanced with a good top coat (I recommend „good to go“ by essie), it even can last up to a week! Seriously, it worked for me!


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