Spray-Tan! Get that sunkissed look effortlessly

14. Mai 2019

I did try self-tan when I was 16 – and the results were… stainy 😂. It was really really embarrassing and I never considered trying it again. Until I shopped a few cute summer outfits lately, and my white legs were just too white for me to be comfortable.

Time to give it a second try, so I purchased a bottle of spray tan and went for it!

The test

A friend of mine recommended the brand SunDance which is available at dm. I opted for a spray-on, because spraying sounds the most effortless 😉. As a skin prep, I used my favorite face scrub „Tea tree mask – wash – peeling“ by The Body Shop – it works great on my face, so why not using it on my body, too. In addition, I put on a peeling glove to get the best exfoliation possible.

Exfoliate – rinse – spray-on!

Following the peel, I dried my skin thoroughly and sprayed on one layer of self-tan. I was impressed by how fast my skin absorbed the light and invisible spray! It took 2-3 days and applications though to see some results, but as applying is quick and easy, I am simply using the spray every morning now and I am getting a nice summer tan step by step. I left out my right leg in order so see a good before/after result, and I think you can tell, am I right?

Are You using spray-tan? Which one is your favorite? There are thousands of products available, in any price range! The one I am using is a true steal (€ 2,95) and I love it. But I am hoping that summer finally shows up and I can get an all-natural tan soon 😉. All Outfits worn here are H&M.


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