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A beautiful Bavarian tradition: Dirndl*

16. August 2019

Autumn is approaching! For those living in Munich, this means: Oktoberfest is close and it’s time for the traditional costume. Nowadays, wearing a Dirndl (or Lederhosn for the guys) is almost as „important“ 🤣 as drinking beer. Fun fact: When I was a teenager, my friends and I would NEVER wear those type of clothes, not in our wildest dreams. Back in the90-ies, I guess it was more or less considered „NOT COOL“ among the young folks. Isn’t it lovely that the tradition is being kept alive that intensively now, and that we see new styles of the beautiful Dirndl every year?

I teamed up* mit the online shop and styled this gorgeous Dirndl many different ways:

Which one is your favorite?

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