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Detox ahead! My „Kale and Me“ juice cleanse

13. Oktober 2019

collaboration* with Kale and Me


I am so ready! Despite all my doubts, I have now decided to treat my body with a juice cleanse! The meal plan of „Kale and Me“ allows 6 juices daily, one drink every two hours – and the range includes delicious juice blends with pineapple, cucumber and carrots, avocado-broccoli, beetroot and some almond milk for supper. Sounds delicious to me! And filling. However: nothing but juice for 5 days is somehow challenging, right?

My nourishment for the cleanse-week!

And why am I doing this? Well, the summer was very very enjoyable: countless nice, long dinners with plenty of wine (according to my motto „life is too short for dieting“ 😉 …) icecream, drinks …I am currently feeling a bit „oversaturated“ and I noticed increased cravings for sugar… not good!

I do not consider this juicecleanse as a diet and it’s not about losing weight – but rather a kind of „reset button“, a break for me to raise awareness of what I really need, what is good for me and what is not. In addition, „fasting“ (sounds hard, right?) is supposed to boost the immune system and gives you back all your energy – so let’s do it!

More information on

Stay tuned here on my website or on instastories to see how my first juice cleanse ever works out for me!

How I prepared: I ate consciously all weekend and tried to keep my sugar intake as low as possible. And I didn’t have any wine… a good start, what do you think?

Day 1 – Monday

I was soooo excited this morning and had a great day at work. The juice blends are soooo delicious and I really enjoyed my „meals“! No cravings, no problems. I made pasta for the fam but I‘m NOT tempted at all!

Day 2 – Tuesday

Still feeling great! The juice blends every two hours really keep me going. I‘m not having dinner with my family tonight as I’m going to my weekly yoga class – I‘m curious how I‘ll be doing! Looking forward to some stretching 🙆‍♀️ 🧘🏻‍♀️ ❤️

Day 3 – Wednesday

I felt a bit shaky this morning and had to have some coffee… not part of the plan, but hey, this momma has to work! On my way to work, I noticed that my energy came back and the day was great! No cravings, and I still enjoy the cold pressed juice. I‘m going to bed early, I guess this whole detox thing makes even more tired as usual….but I’m happy that I made it through day 3. Only 2 more days!!!!

Day 4 – Thursday

The day started great- but I felt a bit weak and slow towards the evening. Chicken broth is supposed to help, and my KaleandMe coach told me it is absolutely okay to have some soup. Let’s go for it!

Day 5 – Friday

Yay! Last day of my #detoxweek and I can’t believe I (almost) made it! After a headache and grumpy mood attack last night, I had some chicken broth and went straight to bed. I slept sooooo good and woke up feeling great and energized, unbelievable! My #yogaclass this morning was the cherry on top, and I feel like whole new human! 

Seriously- if I can do it, you can and I really recommend this juicecleanse to anyone who wants his mojo back. But check with your physician before you start if it’s ok! I will definitely do it again some day – Thank you so much @kaleandme 

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