Cheers! Let’s celebrate the month of May with rhubarb-sprizz

30. April 2019

I love the the beautiful month of May. And rhubarb. And Aperol. And yes, I do I love Prosecco… and it’s about time for an early-summer aperitif to toast this wonderful month.

I have been looking forward to it like…. forever: Nature has recovered from winter and abounds in fresh green. The air is crisp, the garden so lush, and we start spending the days outdoors again. Time to have a garden-party and fire up the grill. My favorite seasonal aperitif is Rhubarb-Sprizz!

This aperitif is mixed in no time and thanks to delicious rhubarb, it’s a fruity alternative to the classic Aperol-Sprizz. Prepare the rhubarb syrup effortlessly in advance (recipe see below) or simply buy it at a well-stocked supermarket.

My recipe (1 serving):

  • 1 large glass with ice cubes
  • 6 cl prosecco or white wine (I recommend Verdicchio „LeVaglie“ by Stefano Antonucci (Ancona, Italy) available here)
  • 2 cl Aperol
  • 2 cl rhubarb-strawberry-syrup, or more to add sweetness
  • 4 cl sparkling water
  • 4 lime slices

Simply add all the ingredients listed above in the given order to the glass and enjoy!


  • 10 sticks of red rhubarb
  • 10 strawberries
  • 500 g sugar
  • Juice of 1 fresh lemon
  • lime slices

Preparation: Cut the unpeeled rhubarb and strawberries in chunks, cover with water in a large pot, bring to the boil and simmer for about 1 hour.

Then drain through a cloth and strainer (collect liquid!) and drain the pulp, too. Boil the collected liquid with 500g sugar and the juice of 1 lemon and reduce for about an hour. Now pour the boiling hot syrup into a sterile bottle and close it immediately. Be very careful, it’s very very hot!

Once opened, keep the syrup refigerated. Mix it with sparkling water only for a fruity, sweet refreshment without the booz…

Enjoy…and thank you for visiting stilettos & sailboats, your Ammersee lifestyle blog!


I am not taking any liability for this, if you try my recipe, it’s at your own risk. Be very careful when handling hot liquids!


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