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Fashion with a purpose: COLOURS OF A KIND

2. September 2019

Those of you who know me personally know that I am deeply in love with South Africa. My husband Nico and I call it our „second home“ and we try to travel there as much as we can.

Many of our friends and family members share this love with us, so does Christiane – a long-time friend who took this passion to a new level and realized her dream of founding a German-South African social business: Colours of a Kind, which combines an ecommerce business with a social cause, ensuring profits are directed towards a non-profit company in South Africa.

Colours of a Kind sells beautiful handmade African fashion accessories via a German/European online store (www.coloursofakind.de) and uses the majority of its profits to fund training programmes for young women in Cape Town’s underprivileged communities to increase their chances of finding employment in the creative industry.

In this context, Christiane recently invited us to her exclusive pre-launch party in Munich where I discovered some very pretty and unique accessories that can nicely complement an everyday outfit or add a special wow-factor to a more formal evening attire.

To give you a better idea of the range, and some inspiration for your own wardrobe, my dear friend Janina and I have arranged some outfits with the accessories that I particularly like:

For more information about Colours of a Kind, check out their online store at www.coloursofakind.de or follow on Instagram @coloursofakind.

Personally, I love to combine accessories and clothes from all over the world – and to mix the styles as well. An African pearl bracelet, for example, works as a drop of colour on a monochrome business outfit or adds „that special touch“ to a simple evening dress.

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