About stilettos & sailboats

Hi, I’m Steffi, the founder of stilettos & sailboats.

I’ve been dreaming of having my own blog for 20 years probably…. Was there even any fashion blogging in 1999? Anyway, I’ve been crazy about fashion and lifestyle topics ever since and I enjoy putting together pretty outfits, discovering new things and sharing tips and recommendations (sometimes unsolicited 🙂 haha)

Fashion means so much more to me than „putting clothes an“. A well-chosen outfit has the power to be mood-lifting on a gray & rainy day, it can make an impression, express moods and give attitude. Back in the days of my hotel business apprenticeship, I often had to start working at 5:30 am. I used to arrive at the hotel completely sleepy, but the moment I put on my uniform (which mostly consisted of a blazer, skirt and elegant shoes), I suddenly felt a kick of motivation and was instantly more alert, fit and ready for the day.

The joy of beautiful things, luxury and travel has brought me to a wonderful job: I used to work as a hotel concierge at a wonderful Munich luxury hotel and was the person to speak to when guests had any questions about what to do and what to see in Munich. An exciting, interesting, instructive and also VERY work intensive chapter in my life not to be missed.

Nevertheless, at some point I was ready for something new, initially turned my back on the hotel industry and had the great fortune to start a family with my husband Nico. Meanwhile, we have two daughters and live in a beautiful small town at a lake called Ammersee, close to Munich, and I (kind of) returned to my professional origins as a recruiter for the hotel industry .

Since I always need a bit of glamor (and a creative outlet), I started this blog, where I like to share my outfits, shopping tips, lifestyle topics and much more. I chose the name stilettos & sailboats, because it represents and combines two things I love:Stilettos stand for fashion, my slight shoe addiction and all things glam, and sailboats represent my love for being outdoors, spending time with my family and friends at the lake (or an ocean, if available…)

My outfits are a mix of old & new items, classic & trendy, luxury and budget-friendly – and I do not follow every trend that comes around, I just wear what I like and what flatters.

Enjoy reading – I am thrilled about feedback and questions, ideas and tips!

All the best